Monday, March 24, 2014

Turning 30.

Amazing things happen in life when you least expect it.

My beautiful Momma would tell you that falling in love with life is what happens when you are busy enjoying every day to it's utmost potential. This modern day Cinderella would agree...and then add: a beautiful life starts with being so full of love you are almost ready to burst. The past decade blessed me with so many opportunities: I began my first company, I became an Auntie and a Godmother, I shared in the joy of both my parents finding love AND my Grandmother finding love once again. Our family grew; I bet my Grandpa is looking down from Heaven with a pride so big it would burst the hearts of most boys I have dated. I found an amazing group of girlfriends. I flew across the big pond and experienced Europe all by myself. I survived my first major surgery and our prayers were answered when both my momma and sister came through their surgeries.

With age comes wisdom (and your IQ naturally increases when you turn 30....legit for real, I'm Einstein now). I have learned loving life comes with having the patience to wait for the rest of it to happen. Although I love my family, I believe this girl has had enough "why haven't you found a boyfriend?" confrontations for an entire lifetime (if y'all are reading this, take note). I'm not sure how, but I manage to keep my temper in check while wanting to scream, "YES, I would love to be married and getting ready for Baby #2". Life Lesson #1: have patience.

With age also comes an array of interestingly awful 1st, 2nd and 3rd dates; y'all are just eager to read about the 2nd date which ended in the ER, or the 1st date which ended up having more girls than just me along, or perhaps the 4th date that came with a full lecture on dating men for their money (which I will note is just awful - and why on Earth would you marry a man for money when a girl can make her own?).

This next decade, I plan to fully enjoy life increasingly more. And as my sister would say, share my over abundance of love with everyone all over again. Welcome to Life in Heels and Pearls: 30 and Beyond.

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